ECO. x Rozalia Russian Erase Plus - Duo

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ECO. Erase Plus is an enhanced version of our best-selling Erase Body Oil. We have kept the ingredients you know and love and combined them with even more powerful, all-natural ingredients like sandalwood, jasmine, rosemary, rosehip and sea buckthorn. This enhanced, concentrated formula will really ramp up your results and help improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars and blemishes, leaving your skin smooth, soft and youthful-looking.

Erase Plus tones, supports skin elasticity, repairs and restores the appearance and vitality of your skin, to help give you a new level of confidence. This wonder oil also works as a targeted treatment during pregnancy and times of weight fluctuations.

Paired with our best-selling Erase Oil as an all over body moisturiser and skin enhancer, this duo will give you your confidence back and help you lead your most vibrant life!

Our story with Rozalia Russian began in 2014; Rozalia had just given birth to her first child and was recommended to try our Erase Body Oil to help with her cesarean scars. She loved it, and shared with her following, “Forget all your other oils, this my friends is the bomb! Since using this oil twice a day my stretchmarks have faded over 80%!!! Truly is amazing.” Four years later we are proud to be launching this beautiful new Erase Plus, an enhanced formula to really ramp up the results. 


Add a few drops to the palm of your hand and massage in a clockwise direction to damp skin after showering. Use morning and night for best results. We recommend using Erase Plus as a concentrated treatment to really target trouble areas, and Erase Oil as an all-over body moisturiser and skin enhancer.

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