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Bellabaci Body Cups

Bellabaci Body Cups

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Treat yourself to our hand-squeezable vacuum suction massage cups and enter the world of health and wellness with Bellabaci!


Bellabaci Body Cups Set consists of 2 long lasting superior medical grade silicone cups: 1 Hard and 1 Soft Body Cup.

Why use The Bellabaci Body Cups?

Cupping Therapy is an ancient treatment used for providing relief from many conditions such as pain caused by headaches, migraines or tight muscles. It is also a great treatment to detox the body and support a healthy digestive system. Cupping has been modernized to include treatment of conditions such as cellulite and stretch marks. Many celebrities today use cupping therapy as a daily part of their lifestyle.

The Bellabaci Cups are extremely to use. You can use it daily in the shower, massage yourself while watching TV, or whenever you have a few minutes.

Directions of use:

  • Always use Bellabaci Cups with Bellabaci Genie treatment oils.
  • Simply apply the Genie on the body, squeeze the cup slighty and set it down on your treatment area.
  • Release your grip as suction is achieved and just glide the cup using linear, circular and zig zag movements, always working upwards towards the heart.
  • This is followed by draining the lymph of any dislodged waste products by moving the cups from the ankles to knees, knees to thighs, etc.
  • We suggest to always start with the soft cups on a light suction and only progressing to the hard cup after one month or after you have completely adjusted to the sensation of the soft cup used with a deep squeeze pressure.

Caring of your cups:

  • Be sure to wash your cups after each use with a detergent soap.
  • Do not use with a mineral or tissue oil, as these oils will cause your cups to harden and eventually break.